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Cadets make up about half the active membership of the Civil Air Patrol and are essential to the success of the Aerospace Education and Emergency Services missions.  With the guidance and mentorship of Senior Members and other Cadets, cadets advance by mastering leadership skills, assuming command responsibility, and eventually becoming part of the executive team of their squadron, group, or wing.  As cadets advance in the program, additional opportunities become available.  Most of these programs operate yearlong with an intensive training opportunity during the summer or winter.  These Cadet Special Activities include cyber, space sciences, search and rescue, UAS (drones), and many others. Recently, CAP has introduced the Cadet Wings program which provides an opportunity for cadets to earn their private pilot's license.  Entrance to many of these programs is competitive.

Successful CAP Cadets are self-motivated and self-disciplined with a strong sense if personal and professional integrity.  The skills cadets learn typically translate into better grades in school, improved time management, and increased confidence and ability in everything they do.  Cadets must devote time and effort in the program to be successful.  Cadet advancement is earned ... it is not a participation trophy.



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