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Command Structure

CAP National Headquarters is at Maxwell Air Force Base.  CAP units are organized into Regions, Wings, Groups, Squadrons, and Flights.  

There are 52 Wings: one for each state, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.  There are eight regions, each responsible for a geographic area of the United States.  While there are a handful of squadrons overseas, CAP operates exclusively within the United States.

Some Wings are further subdivided into Groups.  In Wings with no groups, Squadrons report directly to Wing. Otherwise, Squadrons report to a Group.

A Flight is simply a unit that is too small to function as a squadron on its own.  Flights are frequently assigned to a squadron but may also be assigned to Wings or Groups depending on need.

In Maryland, there are three Groups. Group I is on the western side of the state, Group II is the eastern part of the state and Group III is in the center of the state.  In Maryland, Groups function as an administrative unit in support of their squadrons.


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