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Senior Members

Adult volunteers, or Senior Members, join the Civil Air Patrol in a variety of roles in support of our missions--Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs. While many members have prior military experience, the majority do not.  Likewise, although pilots are essential to CAP missions, the majority of CAP adult members are not pilots.  CAP depends upon senior members who are willing to use their experience ... logistics, accounting, education, information technology, crafts trades, photography, transportation, public affairs, and a host of other skills are critical needs within CAP.

Civil Air Patrol members require significant training to prepare them to prepare them to carry out the various misssions whether Emergency Services, Cadet Programs, or Aerospace Education.  CAP provides that training to our cadet and senior member volunteers. 

Flying with the Civil Air Patrol: If you are an FAA rated pilot, CAP needs your help.  If you are not a pilot but want to be part of an Aircrew ... Observer, Scanner, Aviation Photographer, and others ... CAP needs you as well.  All crew train to become a member of a team of professionals.  Even though most aircrew come to CAP with little or no experience in an airplane,  CAP members receive extensive training to achieve the skills needed to safely and efficiently carry out our mission whether it is transporting vaccines, taking pictures of flood damage, or searching for an overdue aircraft. 

Working with a Ground Team:  Ground teams carry out the bulk of Emergency Sercices missions.  Ground teams search for missing persons and overdue aircraft, do damage assesment, establish distribution centers for emergency relief supplies, fly drones, and a host of other services.  Team members train for their specialty qualifications.  

Incident Command: Emergency Service operations are guided and managed by an Incident Command team, frequently working in close coordinations with federal, state, or tribal agencies.  While the majority of the Incident Command staff have other ground or air qualifications, many members of the command team have other skills such as resource management, accounting, or radio and telecommunications.  If you want to learn, CAP will provide the opportunities you need.

Cadet Programs and Aerospace Education:  CAP needs adult members to mentor and guide the cadets.  While cadets actually run the cadet program, senior members are there to provide leadership, guidance, and ensure the safety and success of the cadet program.  Adults provide the mentoring and training the cadets need to succeed.  While many of the Senior Members in the cadet program also have Emergency Services qualifications, many take advantage of the other training opportunities within CAP.

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