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Squadron Commanders

Squadron Commanders

Being a Squadron Commander is a very rewarding and satisfying job, but it also requires considerable leadership and dedication. The Squadron Commander depends upon a staff of highly knowledgeable and motivated volunteers.

Squadron Commanders are responsible to CAP and to the Group Commander for ensuring that the corporation objectives, policies, and operational directives are effectively executed within their squadron: 

  • Establish plans, policies, and procedures necessary to the fulfillment of the CAP mission.
  • Keep informed of the accomplishments, problems, and degree of compliance with regulations and other directives through personal observations, inspections, reports, and staff meetings.
  • Ensure safety of personnel and equipment through compliance with directives and policy guidance; ensure an effective safety awareness, education, and inspection program within the unit. 
  • Select personnel to fill authorized staff positions.
  • Establish policies and procedures to ensure an effective squadron recruiting and retention program. 
  • Determine meeting dates and attendance requirements for squadron meetings in accordance with policies established by higher headquarters.
  • Ensure that new personnel are properly introduced to CAP and make frequent checks on their progress.
  • Ensure that squadron property and funds are properly safeguarded and accounted for.
  • Initiate requests for promotion of squadron members.
  • Ensure proper wear of the uniform.
  • Ensure that complaints and grievances are resolved fairly, impartially, and promptly. 
  • Initiate recommendations for awards and decorations for squadron members. 
  • Promote an understanding and appreciation of CAP in the local community. Promote aerospace education.

Squadron Commanders should be familiar with the Civil Air Patrol Constitution and Bylaws, CAP governing directives, and all policy matters affecting their command.  


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