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Emergency Services

Emergency Services covers a very wide of operations in the air and on the ground.  Ground missions include damage assessment, photography, search and rescue, mapping, crash site surveillance, UAS (drone) operations, Direction Finding (tracking ELT radio signals), Disaster Recovery, and others.  Air Missions include everything from homeland defense to counter-drug to search and rescue and beyond.  Senior Members and Cadets participate in training exercises that give them the experience and knowledge that allows them to respond in actual emergencies.  Incident Comand is made up of Senior Members who are highly experienced in field operations who have chosen to undergo additional training in specialties like Logistics, Planning, Operations, Comunications and other critical areas to ensure that whatever mission is assigned, the Civil Air Patrol can respond quickly and efficiently.

Both cadets and senior members are involved in all aspects of Emergency Services but everything in Emergency Services has specific training that must be done and only proficient team members are deployed to an active mission.  Cadets under 18 are restricted from some mission activities because of risk or legal liability but the vast majority of mission roles are available to cadets.

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