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Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services

Search and Rescue

Every year CAP saves lives through its search and rescue program.  Whether searching for lost or overdue aircraft, missing persons, or coordinating search efforts, CAP volunteers stand ready to help.  CAP employs a number of tools: everything from traditional teams in the field to sophisticated imagery to advance detection methods ... established and proven technology and new and emerging technologies.  CAP devotes most of its time to training and preparation so that when the call for help comes, we can respond quickly, efficiently, and safely.  And we do respond - CAP saves hundreds of lives each year.

Homeland Defense

CAP units actively patrol areas of interest for homeland defense: transportation routes, waterways, critical infrastructure, and public venues.  Every summer, Maryland Wing watches over the Chesapeake Bay looking for boaters in distress, environmental problems like run-off and spills, and standing by to assist any of the many agencies tasked with keeping the airspace and waterways safe.  We also assist the armed forces as they train to protect sensitive areas like sports venues, power plants, coastal facilities and areas of national interest like the Washington DC flight restricted zone and number of other areas.

Aerospace Education

CAP works to promote Aerospace Education in many ways.  Obviously the Cadet Program and the Senior Members are heavily invested in aviation.  We also support the school systems and provide assistance to JROTC, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and any number of other youth groups.  Whether it is teaching in the classroom or in the air, CAP supports the growth of aviation.  

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