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The squadron is the community‐level organization of CAP. Squadrons are charged with recruiting individuals to accomplish CAP’s missions, ensuring those members are trained and developed to accomplish those missions, and stewarding CAP resources to prepare for use in CAP’s missions. Each unit in the Civil Air Patrol is assigned a charter number.

Senior Squadron: Comprised entirely of senior members.

Cadet Squadron: Comprised primarily of cadets with a minimum of three senior members to meet supervisory, administrative, and training requirements of cadet programs. Cadet squadrons may be established as traditional community‐based units or school‐based units. Both types of cadet squadrons use the same curriculum, operate in accordance with CAP regulations, and fall under the traditional chain of command.

Composite Squadron: Comprised of both senior and cadet members, conducting both senior and cadet programs. Composite squadrons tend to be larger and have a broader range of activities.

Flights: The flight is the smallest CAP membership unit authorized. A flight may be a separately chartered unit or assigned either to a squadron or group, at the discretion of the wing commander. Most flights in Maryland Wing are part of a Middle School.

See CAPR 30-1 for more detail on the Organization and structure of Civil Air Patrol Units.

Units Assigned to Group III

Apollo I Senior Squadron MAR-MD-085

Arundel Composite Squadron MAR-MD-023

Bowie Composite Squadron MAR-MD-052

Calvert Cadet Squadron MAR-MD-007

Charles Composite Squadron MAR-MD-019

Col Mary S. Feik Composite Squadron MAR-MD-028

College Park Composite Squadron MAR-MD-011

St. Mary's Composite Squadron MAR-MD-089

     Esperanza Middle School Flight MAR-MD-890

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