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Over the FRZ

Flying home over the Washington DC Flight Restricted Zone

Interception Exercise

Air Force training mission with CAP aircraft as an interception target.

Escorting Aircraft at the MAAM WWII weekend

MidAtlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend - CAP escorts an aircraft through the crowd.

CAP Flightline

Flight line at a Search and Rescue training exercise.

Formation at TriWing Encampment

Maryland, Delaware, and NATCAP wings annual encampment.

Andrews Air Show Display

Maryland's Mini-Jet loads another future cadet.

Unpacking for POD in North Carolina

Maryland Units in North Carolina Disaster Relief Mission.

Naval Academy from the air.

Annapolis from the air.  CAP flys over the Chesapeake Bay in support of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and other agencies every summer.


Scanner makes notes during a mission along the Chesapeake.

Rapel Tower at TriWing Encampment

Cadets have the opportunity to rapel while attending Tri-Wing Encampment.

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